For over three decades, Buxbaum Group has been one of the foremost liquidators in North America, specializing in the disposition of consumer products through "going-out-of -business" or similarly promoted sales, auctions, and closeouts of excess inventory for manufacturers, retailers and wholesale distributors. The Asset Recovery group also conducts partial liquidations as part of a company's strategic downsizing or restructuring. This may include the disposition of slow moving inventory or unprofitable locations, dispersal of real estate and fixtures, renegotiation of leases, or other activities that enable companies to redirect equity from under-performing resources into more profitable merchandise, divisions, or locations.

The Asset Recovery group conducts liquidations of industrial plants, heavy machinery, and a wide range of equipment types, including warehouse/distribution, office and food service. Buxbaum Group has collectively achieved liquidation returns in excess of client expectations in a broad range of categories including apparel, furniture, consumer electronics, building materials, automotive parts, mining, distilling, construction, transportation, and oil & gas, just to name a few.



Buxbaum Asset Appraisal, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the Asset Recovery group, provides prompt and accurate appraisals of consumer product inventories, along with ongoing collateral monitoring services. The Asset Appraisal group has performed hundreds of appraisals for leading financial institutions including Bank of America, CIT Group, Citibank, Congress Financial, GE Capital, HSBC, PNC Business Credit, Wells Fargo and Foothill Capital, appraising billions of dollars of inventory annually. Types of products appraised include jewelry, apparel, furniture, footwear, recorded music & video, non-perishable foods, health and beauty aids, consumer electronics, and automotive parts & accessories, to name just a few.
The Asset Appraisal group provides appraisals of industrial plants, heavy machinery, and a wide range of equipment types, including warehouse/distribution, office, food service, mining, petrochemicals, distilling, printing, and many others. Clients include financial institutions, public and private companies, and bankruptcy/insolvency professional throughout North America. Ask us to share with you our proven appraisal methodologies – our Roadmap for Retail®, Roadmap for Wholesale® and Roadmap for Machinery and Equipment® appraisal and related services.  



Buxbaum Group provides practical and successful turnaround and restructuring strategies to troubled or under-performing companies. As a result of extensive experience in day-to-day operations, asset valuation, and business divestitures, the turnaround team, led by the founders and managing partners of Buxbaum Group, has achieved an impressive track record of developing innovative and successful strategies for guiding companies through critical situations.

These strategies may include providing an interim team of turnaround and management experts to counsel and assist in such areas as manufacturing, marketing, distribution, or securing new lines of financing. In cases when the business cannot be saved, the team may oversee the entire recovery process in order to maximize return of equity to both secured and unsecured creditors and investors. Over the years, Buxbaum Group's management team has provided strategic consulting and turnaround management services for such prominent retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers as Richman-Gordman, Rampage, and Ames Department Stores.

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