Envisioning Value. Maximizing Recovery.

Long recognized as a leader in retail "going-out-of-business" (GOB) or similarly promoted sales and consumer product liquidations, Buxbaum Group Asset Recovery has established a well deserved reputation for envisioning value and maximizing recovery in all types of consumer inventory as well as industrial/machinery & equipment liquidations.

Company Chairman and CEO Paul M. Buxbaum was one of the first liquidators to enter the business in the early 1970s with a background as a merchant, as opposed to an auctioneer or accountant. To this day, most of the company's liquidation managers and consultants have manufacturing, wholesale and/or retail backgrounds, giving them a unique perspective to both obstacles and opportunities in each recovery assignment.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Disposition.

Buxbaum Asset Recovery has become a veritable "single source" for the liquidation of all types of assets including industrial plants and, machinery &, equipment and real estate

Down is Up.

Buxbaum Asset Recovery activities go well beyond the company's roots in GOB sales; today the firm stands at the forefront in managing partial liquidations in strategic downsizing situations. While typically associated with Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reorganizations or other survival plans, strategic downsizing may also be an effective tool for healthy companies to rid themselves of slow-moving inventories or under-performing outlets that are draining cash and allow those resources to be redirected into more profitable inventory and locations.

Realize More with Strategy One.

Buxbaum Asset Recovery professionals envision and execute a custom plan for each asset disposition assignment-we call it Strategy One. Based upon the types of assets, market conditions, competitive environment and other factors, various "what if?" scenarios can be evaluated to determine what type of liquidation is most appropriate. Strategy One also directs the deployment of precisely those resources required to deliver the highest recovery values from inventories, fixtures, equipment, machinery and more. No stone is left unturned in planning and managing each and every detail of the sale, including:

  • Establishing markdown guidelines and expense structure.
  • "Re-merchandising" stores, warehouses or other sale locations to provide optimal presentation of assets to be liquidated.
  • Augmenting inventories, where allowable by law, with current season, higher-margined goods so as to bolster total return.
  • Directing advertising, media placement, direct mail, in-store displays, as well as other creative sales promotion activities.
  • Setting store hours and scheduling staff.
  • Re-positioning and/or augmenting checkouts to handle the anticipated rush.
  • Establishing security guidelines for everything from cash-handling procedures to loading dock surveillance.

Beyond these core services, Buxbaum Asset Recovery will also assist with the liquidation of excess consumer product inventories, end-of-season goods, excess production, closeouts, seconds, irregulars and returns from manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Buxbaum Asset Recovery aggressively tracks leads for closeout purchases from a variety of industry sources, including wholesale vendors, retailers, lending institutions, trustees and other referrals. Closeout inventory is typically acquired as part of a company's overstock or discontinued product lines and disposed of through a wide range of liquidation channels.

Buxbaum Asset Recovery has developed extensive relationships with domestic and international retailers, wholesalers and smaller closeout firms and as a result, has established multiple distribution channels for closeout inventory. Buxbaum Asset Recovery can also add value through repackaging or rechanneling distribution, such as offering smaller lots to a broader base of buyers.

Envision Our Integrity and Experience Working for You.

Buxbaum Asset Recovery has earned a reputation for integrity over twenty-five years and hundreds of assignments for leading financial institutions, bankruptcy/insolvency professionals, and public and private companies throughout North America.

For more information on how to put Buxbaum Asset Recovery services to work for you, please contact our professionals at 800-990-6820. A listing of past and present clients and case studies will be provided upon request.

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