Haggar Announces New Leadership



BJA Auctions Antique

& Estate Jewelry



Final Phase of Continental GOB Sale



Continental Jewelry Closing in Tampa



Unico Designs

the look to hold Two-Store retirement



Surya Capital in Association with BJA Purchase Robbins Diamonds Inventory



Jewelers Could Have

A Happier Holiday This Year



Maharaja's Loses Beachfront Store

as Oil Wary Tourists Avoid the Gulf



Buxbaum Group Relocates



Michael Lebowitz Joins

Buxbaum Jewelry Advisors



Lisa Ketrick Joins

Buxbaum Jewelry Advisors



Gold-Buying Helps Jewelers

Weather Great Recession



Buxbaum Jewelry Advisors

Helps Hoff Family Jewelers



Rapid Sale of $1.5 M Inventory Shows  Demand for Value Jewelry



Highly successful sale for

Henricks Jewelers Bonita Springs



M.J. Christensen Plans To

Reopen Under New Name



Filene's Basement Files

For Chapter 11



M.J. Christensen

Store Closing



Reviewing All 'Available

Business Options’ for Filene's



Jewelry Superstore Offers

Huge Discounts In

Going Out Of Business Sale



Retailers to Shout 'Value!' from the Rooftops This Holiday Season



Buxbaum Forms Wholesale, Retail

Jewelry Liquidation Venture



Toys, Games, and Collectibles

Offered at Huge Discounts



Dismal Consumer Confidence

Undermines 'Immunity'

of Luxury Retail



Gigantic Inventory Clearance Sale

Makes Dream Kitchens A Reality



Western Wear Chains Offering Huge Savings at Special Inventory Sale



Shoppers Can Expect Quick Holiday  Bargains As Worried Retailers Cut Prices



Rosslyn Hotel Renovation

into Affordable and

Market-Rate Housing



Retailers's Shift Away

from Purchasing Contracts



Buxbaum Group Relocates

to Agoura Hills, CA



Downturn Means Uncertainty For

New Breed of Asset-Based Lenders



Collectors Art

Going-Out-of-Business Sale



Buxbaum Group Announces Senior Executive Changes



What Will the Holiday Season Bring



Marcos and York Join Buxbaum Group

Asset Appraisal Group



Acquisition of Honduran Factory to

Help Indosheen Regain Prominence



Buxbaum Group Readies

Indosheen for More Growth



 Confirmation Hearing on

Waterman Reorganization



Buxbaum Group

Gets Gramicci

Back On Track



Buxbaum Group the Key to

Sale of Rampage


Buxbaum Group Inventory
Appraisals Hit $5.0 Bil.
in 2003


David Buxbaum Named to Local
Airport and Hospital Boards



Right Start Stores Now in
Liquidation Mode, As Court
Rejects Offer On Business

Buxbaum Group Inventory
Appraisals Exceed $3.5 Bil.
on Target to Reach $5.0 Bil.
for 2003


Inventory Clearance Sales
Begin in All 142 FAO Schwarz,
Zany Brainy, and the
Right Start Stores


Buxbaum Group Appraised
Approx. $4.0 Billion
in Inventories in 2002


Court Approves GOB Sales
For Troutman's Emporium;
Buxbaum Group, Others
to Run Liquidation


WHAT WILL THE HOLIDAY SEASON BRING?  CAUTIOUS SHOPPERS AND DISCIPLINED SPENDING  - Buxbaum Group’s Stevan Buxbaum says consumers will buy better but fewer gifts

CALABASAS, Calif. (10/23/06) – The coming holiday season won’t bring much joy to the nation’s retailers, retail expert Stevan Buxbaum forecasts.

Buxbaum, a veteran of the retailing business who is executive vice president of Calabasas-based turnaround investors and consultants Buxbaum Group, says retailers can expect a small increase in holiday sales but no real strength – the same kind of middling performance they saw in back-to-school sales this summer.

“It will be a season without much steam. Same-store sales may rise a little, but you won’t see anybody knock the cover off the ball because the overall mood of the consumer is cautious,” Buxbaum observes. “That will translate into very disciplined spending, with people being very choosy and buying quality rather than quantity.”

Unlike past years when items such as denim were extremely popular with shoppers, it’s not clear what this season’s best sellers will be, Buxbaum says.

“Denim has gone on for so long that there is no burning desire for it among shoppers,” he contends. “Electronics have been selling well, especially flat-screen televisions because prices are down. That strength will continue during the holiday season, but it won’t be overwhelming because large numbers of people have already bought them and consumers with less disposable income are still waiting for prices to drop even further.”

Among toys, Buxbaum says, look for strong sales of the season’s hottest offering, the Elmo TMZ doll. “It’s the latest generation of the Elmo doll, and it’s what everybody is talking about,” he notes.

But don’t expect a repetition of the price wars of years past, when retail giants Toys ‘R’ Us and Wal-Mart slugged it out for the hearts and mind of shoppers. “Toys ‘R’ Us is now privately held, and the new owners will be less inclined to do unprofitable business. That means there will probably be fewer sales and more price stability, and you won’t see the battle we saw before,” Buxbaum believes.

Buxbaum notes that luxury items may continue to perform well this season. For instance, high-end men’s watches are selling briskly, he relates. Interestingly, that corresponds with a sharp drop in sales of juniors’ watches. “Watches for kids are really dead,” he says. “They don’t wear them anymore, since timekeeping is built in to the other things they own, like cellphones.”

What fashions will be hot? Expect to see more narrow-leg pants and jeans, Buxbaum relates. “People will want to have that new look. It’s the opposite of the past few years, and wearing them will make it easier for others to judge your fashion quotient,” he comments.

Buxbaum also expects strong sales of luxury leather goods, an area in which more and more retailers are competing fiercely. “There has been a real proliferation of expensive handbags,” he notes. “They are an easy item to buy. One size fits all and people can always use them. I’d look for a battle of the bags this season.”

But while luxury may do well, there is growing consumer concern about the economy, he notes.

“External factors are weighing heavily on their minds. They hear that the housing market is weak, and if they hear enough times that the economy is slowing down, that will affect their spending,” he explains. “In particular, between the impact of the weakened housing market and significantly higher interest rates from a year ago, many consumers who use their home equity lines to finance major purchases are having second thoughts about tapping that resource. Added to that, of course, are the impending huge cuts in payrolls at automotive manufacturers and companies that serve them. While some of these factors will be tempered by the sharp drop in gasoline prices seen over the past few weeks, in general, people are not going to be as loose with their money as they were in the past.”

“All things considered, it’s hard to predict what this season will be like,” Buxbaum concludes. “This is a time of great contrasts. The stock market is at an all-time record, yet there is bad news from the Mideast, North Korea and Washington. It’s the best and worst of all worlds all at the same time, and that makes the mood of consumers harder to judge with certainty.”

About Buxbaum Group - Buxbaum Group built its reputation for over 30 years as one of the largest liquidators and appraisers of retail and wholesale inventories across North America. While continuing to operate in those areas, the company has shifted its primary focus in recent years to turnaround investing.

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