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Paul M. Buxbaum, Chairman and CEO of Buxbaum Group, has been a partner in Buxbaum Group and its related and successor companies for over 25 years. Buxbaum Group has a foundation and roots in the liquidation sector and has liquidated billions of dollars of assets of such companies as Kmart, Montgomery Wards, and FAO Schwartz.  From this foundation in understanding values in insolvency, Buxbaum Group has expanded its business to include an appraisal division working for most of the major lenders, a turnaround consulting group and an equity group, which invests in and manages turnaround opportunities.


Mr. Buxbaum has served on the Board and\or as an officer of various public and private companies. Such appointments include Chairman of the Board from 1993 to 1998 of Ames Department Stores, a 400-plus store chain with sales in excess of $4 billion annually.


Mr. Buxbaum also served as CEO of Global Health Sciences, Orange, CA, a manufacturer and packager of nutritional supplements and herbal-based products with $250 million in revenues.


Mr. Buxbaum is also a former Board member (1990-1996) of Herbalife International, Los Angeles, CA (HERBA; NASDAQ), a $1 billion sales organization of nutritional supplements and herbal-based products, and acted as an advisor to the Chairman/President; and past chairman of the Audit, Compensation, Finance and Business Development committees.


Other Board appointments included Richman-Gordman "Half-Price" Stores, (1994-1997) headquartered in Omaha, NE with 32 retail outlets; Lamont's Apparel (1994-1998), Kirkland, WA, a family apparel and home accessories retail chain with 38 locations, and Jay Jacobs (Chairman and Director 1995-1998), Seattle, WA, a former apparel specialty store with 135 locations.


In 2002, Mr. Buxbaum was hired to advise L’Koral Industries on the premium denim division, Seven For All Mankind.  He arranged for the sale of half the company to Bear Sterns Merchant Banking in 2005.  He served as a director through March 2007, and thereafter continued as an advisor to the Chairman until the company was sold to VF the following year. 


Through Buxbaum Group, Mr. Buxbaum also purchased a half-interest in Rampage Clothing, a $120 million apparel manufacturing company.  Buxbaum reorganized the struggling Company’s operations, strengthening the profitability and increasing the licensing business.  In September of 2005, they sold the newly-successful company.


Mr. Buxbaum is also the sole owner of a designer, marketer, and distributor of outdoor apparel bearing the Gramicci trademark, targeted at hikers, climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, and travelers with fresh new styles that appeal to a young demographic.  Gramicci is headquartered in Agoura Hills, California.


Mr. Buxbaum is also the majority equity owner of Rio Garment S. de R.L., a Honduran knit garment manufacturing facility that employs over 800 persons.  Rio Garment is a full service apparel manufacturer located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras that offers full package FOB\LDP options to customers in the United States.  Rio develops and produces knits tops for both retailers and distributors.  Mr. Buxbaum utilizes this ownership opportunity to regularly preach the importance of supply chain sourcing and vendor maintenance to his management team. 


In March 2009, Mr. Buxbaum was appointed Chief Executive Officer and a Board member of Haggar Clothing Company in Dallas, Texas.  Mr. Buxbaum’s mandate was to reorganize and breathe fresh life into the venerable men’s and women’s apparel company and its approximate 50 outlet stores.


Mr. Buxbaum is also the primary participant in two important affordable housing projects in the Historic Downtown Los Angeles corridor, more commonly known as Skid Row.  The Alexandria and the Rosslyn Lofts, each built in the early 1900’s, have been fully restored and are the centerpieces of the ongoing Downtown Los Angeles resurgence. 



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