Buxbaum Group combines its 25-plus year leadership in consumer product valuation and liquidation services with its Asset Appraisals and Recovery group providing extensive experience in machinery and equipment appraisal and dispersal throughout North America. Industries served by Buxbaum Group Appraisals and Recovery range from construction, consumer goods manufacturing and machine shops, to printing, mining, plastics and process facilities.

Asset Appraisals

Financial institutions, insolvency specialists, and companies repositioning hard assets or in restructuring rely on Buxbaum Group Asset Appraisals and Recovery for timely and accurate determination of the value of machinery and equipment assets for financing or insurance purposes, mergers or acquisitions, or disposals.

Buxbaum Group Asset Appraisals and Recovery can provide three different types of appraisals, depending on each client's needs:

  • Fair Market Value (FMV)
  • Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
  • Forced Sale Value (FSV)

Significantly, the accuracy of virtually any kind of machinery appraisal is backed by a net minimum guarantee or cash offer, an important factor in today's fast-changing marketplace.

Asset Recovery

Buxbaum Asset Appraisals and Recovery conducts machinery and/or equipment dispersals in three ways:

  • Secured guarantee, in which an outright purchase is involved
  • Net minimum guarantee, in which Buxbaum Asset Appraisals and Recovery guarantees a minimum sales value (with cash advances available, as required) with a profit sharing component
  • Straight commission, when assets and inventories are sold with predetermined selling costs.

Public Auctions/Liquidations

Equipment sales can be conducted on or off-site, depending on the client's need or preference through either an unreserved public auction or private liquidation. Advertising and direct mail is carefully targeted to potential customers from a large existing database, which is constantly updated to assure maximum attendance of serious buyers.

Plant Dismantling and Salvage

Buxbaum Asset Appraisals and Recovery has extensive experience in the dismantling and salvage of industrial plants in sectors including mining, distilling, food and beverages, chemicals, concrete, asphalt, and oil and gas.

Cash Advance Program

Buxbaum Asset Appraisals and Recovery Cash Advance Program (CAP™) is unique in the machinery and equipment industry. This program offers a short-term alternative to conventional financing, with cash advanced against unencumbered hard assets.

For further details on how Buxbaum Asset Appraisals and Recovery can assist you in the appraisal and dispersal of machinery and equipment inventories, please contact our professionals at 800-990-6820.

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